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Weekly update!
Posted by Admin on June 28, 2020 19:24


A new week and another set of new updated I can report to you guys!

1. You can now Train Players on new Positions. By going to their profile, you can choose what position you want them to learn. Keep in mind that this is a long-term endeavour, and it might take between 45 and 100 days, depending on their versatility and the position you want them to learn. It's going to be easier for a DR to learn to be a WBR, then for a SC to learn to be a DC!
2. Managers Awards are now displayed on every managers' profile.
3. As you all have noticed, your Assistant Manager will now propose you, based on your opponent, a preferred Lineup. This is meant to help you choose the best Lineup for your team!
4. Everybody will receive an email at the end of the season, which will be a short summary of what everybody did in the last season.
5. Added a small Last Match link in the Fixtures list.

Other then that, I finally fixed the Forum Links issue that was a bit annoying.
Also, there was an Enquiries fixture that was fixed, that you guys reported on the Forum.

Also, in order to avoid managers to profit from the Free-players system, there has been a small tweak when bringing in players via the Scout system. When you buy a player from the Transfer List, you will have typically a 20-day period in which you can't sell them.
For a player bought via a Scouting Report, you will have a 45-day period in which you will not be able to sell him.
This has been added as a notification in the Bidding menu, so you are aware of this.


New updates!
Posted by Admin on June 22, 2020 09:36

Hello everybody,

Here are the updates added last week:

1. Player Awards have been added in the game. Nearing the end of the season, the best players from the World, from every League and from every Continent will receive awards!
2. PRO! You can now add custom Events in future games. If you go to a Prematch, you will have a new option. An Event is something that will trigger at the minute you want it to. You can use it to mean something (eg. Players stop to applaud someone) or to make a funny remark.
3. Added the Clean Sheets stats for Keepers. Previously this wasn't implemented. So the count for these Clean Sheets started last week.
4. Fixed a bug with Transfers. Bot players used to bid only for players from the First Team of other Teams. This has been fixed, and they will make bids even for Reserves.
5. You can now compare Staff, the same as Players!
6. We have a World Fixtures page, where you can view any upcoming matches for the current day.
7. Other bug fixes!


Version 1.07.0 Notes!
Posted by Admin on June 14, 2020 20:13


Just finished version 1.07 this evening! What this includes below.

1. Fixed a bug on player and staff contracts. A retiring player or staff will refuse from now on any contract renewal you will offer them.
2. Added the possibility to compare a player with players from your shortlist.
3. You can now view players without bids in your My Transfers area.
4. Staff Reports will generate reports a lot quicker.
5. Smaller bug fixes!

I'll be working next on Player Awards (at the end of the season). More info about it soon!


Player Adaptation
Posted by Admin on May 21, 2020 17:28


I'm introducing today Player Adaptation. How this works:

When you will transfer a new player, he will have now a period to get accustomed to your club. This will be displayed as a percentage on his profile.

His adaptation will be updated every day, and how he adapts depends on his Professionalism. The adaptation period will take between 5 and 21 days.

How does this affect you? If you decide to play with a player not 100% adapted, he will not play at his full potential. So a player 80% adapted, will play only at 80% of his capacity.

As a side note, the Press Release has been updated. Players will react more consistent to your Interviews from now on.

Out of BETA!
Posted by Admin on May 20, 2020 13:02

Hello Everyone,

Good news! After a very long time in which we’ve been in BETA, I’m now confident to finally say that the first version is ready for launch.

First off, I want to thank everyone for testing out the game’s features and being the first players to join the community. Your feedback was greatly valued and thanks to your input we managed to make a better game that fans like you were looking for.

It took many months, but now I’m excited to announce that PRO Football SIM is no longer in BETA and, if you want to stick around, there are plenty of exciting new features I’m planning to work on next.

With the release of this 1st version, I’ll also be introducing Premium Subscriptions, which will allow you access to the best game features, while also giving you the same experience that you enjoyed until now. The website will continue to be ad-free, as I don’t think this is something that makes this type of game enjoyable.

As this is a time consuming game, and all of the features require a lot of work, if you want to support the development and gain access to awesome and new exclusive features, here’s what will change for you:

  • ● Customizing Your Team
  • ● Manager Quick Actions
  • ● Staff Opinions and Training Recommendations
  • ● Auto-Friendlies
  • ● Player Notes
  • ● Multiple Tactics
  • ● Team Attendance
  • ● Queueing Scouting and Team Facilities
  • ● And Other Features...

The monthly subscription will start at 3 EUR / mo, with discounts if you purchase for a longer period of time. Of course, you can opt-out at any time.

If this isn’t something you’re interested in, you can also continue playing the game for free.

You will still be able to enjoy these features a few days more. Subscriptions will be activated over the week-end!

Thank you, and thank you again for your support!

Shortcut Keys on Desktop!
Posted by Admin on May 14, 2020 20:05


We now have shortcut keys for the Desktop version of the game! Below there's the full list.

F1 - Help
F2 - Team Profile
F3 - Team Players
F4 - Manager Account
F5 - World Search
F6 - Shortlist
F7 - Team Scouting
F8 - Team Staff
F9 - Team Transfers
F10 - Team Fixtures
F11 - Team Facilities
F12 - Game Status

SHIFT + B - Blog
CTRL + D - World Transfers
CTRL + E - Team Finances
CTRL + F - Search
SHIFT + F - Forum
CTRL + G - Team Sponsors
SHIFT + G - Customize Team
CTRL + H - Inbox
CTRL + I - Team Confidence
CTRL + J - World Countries
CTRL + L - League Table
SHIFT + P - Manager Preferences
CTRL + T - Team Tactics
CTRL + U - Team Training
CTRL + Y - Notifications


Match Engine Updated
Posted by Admin on May 06, 2020 11:13

Hello everybody!

Today is a Match Engine update day! I've been working for the last 3 weeks on improving the way it's working. I wasn't happy with the previous fixes, and I wanted to take a bit more time into fixing what issues I have found.
So, what changes do we have?

1. I added a new Time Wasting feature. Now, players will literally waste time in the simulator when preparing for a Set Piece or the GK when throwing the ball. This will increase the likelyhood of a Yellow Card, which has a dedicated event now :-)

2. Improved the Physical 'combat' of the players on the field.

3. Updated the Counter-Attacking mechanism.

4. Updated the way the players Tackle.

5. I changed the way players Foul, and how much Damage they do to the other players. I fixed the issue with the SC's being more prone to be injured.

6. Updated the way players are chosen for events, so they should work more reliable now.

7. Updated the way Offsides work and are generated.

8. Updated how the Team Mentality works in the entire simulator. This is a new implementation, which should be closed to reality :-)

9. Completedly changed how the Determination attribute works in-game.

10. Updated how Stamina influences the Match Engine.

11. Changed what attributes Versatility influences in-game.

12. Upgraded how the players take decisions in the game. This lead to improved decisions on Crosses, Shots, Dribbles, etc.

13. Updated player ratings.

14. Updated the Clearing event for the players.

15. Updated Crossing so it's more realistic.

16. Updated how many times players Dribble and how it works.

17. Massively worked on how Headers and Shots work. The number of both have increased, so they generate more threats. Overall the shooting mechanics should improve.

18. Added a new Intervene defensive ability that works with the rest of them.

19. Updated how keepers work.

20. Massively updated how passing works in the game. Possession should work better.

21. Updated Set Pieces mechanism.

22. Improved the influence that Home Advantage and the Team Captain has on the players.


Player Attributes Issues
Posted by Admin on April 06, 2020 18:09

Hello everybody,

There's been a big of an issue with the players in the game yesterday and today. I want to take a bit of time to explain what happened and what changes you should see:
So, around a month ago I noticed an issue coming from the Training changes I did. The issue was that the Bot teams (the teams run by the AI of the game) where getting a lot worse then what they were previously.

After looking over the code, I noticed there was a decrepancy between the training user-run teams were getting compared to the bot-run teams.
So I implemented a weekly script to buff the players of these teams by a bit. That's where the issues started. Unfortunately, a bug in this script made the players of these teams too powerful.

This culminated on Saturday evening, when one of you guys messaged be about the way their team has been playing.
I took a look into this issue and noticed the players that shouldn't be this powerful.

On Sunday I put the game on Maintenance and started looking for a solution. The solution that I had was to immediately make these players that are too OP lower by a random between 0 and 5.
This was applied to ANY bot team, to ANY player that if Free Transfer and ANY Transfers made last month.

Because I finished quite late in the evening, I couldn't sum up into a blog these changes unfortunately.

Today I received a few complaints from you guys related to the changes, and one that was in particular interesting - I missed the players that benefited from the buff but were missed by my script - the users that registered last month.
So this evening (Monday) I run the script for them as well. This is for the system to be fair for everybody.

One other pressing issue is with the user-teams that bought players because of how good they are.
Because this isn't particulary fair, from an old backup I reverted their previous attributes, and re-run a script o make them a bit weaker. The exact values, in case you're intereted: between 8% and 12%.
This should be fairer then the previous script.

The game is now online with the updates.

I'm sorry for this predicament, it wasn't something in plan to fix, but hopefully it's going to be a better game for everybody. I'm doing my best to have a great game that we can enjoy together.
If you guys have any comments, please leave a shout-out on the forum or in the contact form.

Have a great evening!

Version 0.99.9
Posted by Admin on March 30, 2020 19:42


We've made a few new changes in the game, which are explained below:

1. Match Engine updates:

a. Morale now has an influence in the game. The happier a player is, the better he will play.
b. Modified the way short passing and direct passing work. Short passing will make your passes more secure, but will decrease how offensive your team is, while Direct passes will have an opposing effect.
c. Match reports will now show you a few information about the tactics your opponent is using.
d. Improved passing for defending teams. Weaker teams will do a better job at keeping possession now.
e. Tweaked the Tactics in the game.

2. Bot teams will generate better players at the end of the season.

3. Improved the training of Bot teams.

4. Managers will receive new Awards. For doing well in their National League or International League, they will receive notifications around 1 per month.

5. Enquiring a player will now add him to your short list.

6. Bug fixes.

Interview with Victor, manager of Munchen 05
Posted by Admin on March 17, 2020 18:01

1. How would you describe your coaching philosophy and style?
I think the style I prefer to play is the possession based kind of play AKA "tiki taka".

2. What's your goal when recruiting new players? What are the qualities you're looking for the most?
To bolster my squad, to have players ready to fight for their position with their good qualities.
I'm looking for youngsters with great future potentials

3. What's the toughest decision you had to make before a match?
To decide who would start and who wouldn't start.

4. Can you tell us a bit about your most successful transfer?
I think that should be Hubert Schmidt. He's been a player that has been in my shortlist for quite some time. Finally when I saw him on the transfer market I had to waste no time to get him though I received some tough opponents!

5. What are your in-game goals right now and what are you looking forward to the most?
I'm creating a very formidable team that would be feared by managers and teams in the world, and winning as many trophies as possible too.

6. What is, in your option, the most exciting thing about being a football manager?
The fact that you have to be technically smart, strategical, and economically wise are things I love so much about being a football team manager.

7. What IRL football team would you love to manage?
FC Barcelona of Spain. Everyday, anytime, it would be my pleasure!

8. How do you develop your game plan?
Really by taking a look at my errors and making adjustments, that's how I like to do it.

9. What features would you like to see in PFS in the future?
There are many features that I would love to see but currently I think an improved transfer market and match simulation would do.

10. What's your favorite in-game feature and why?
The fact that you can go to the press, interact with one of your players is a really interesting aspect of the game. It's super realistic.