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Pro Account

The PRO Account offers access to several tools and features that help you become a better manager.

Some of the features included in a PRO Account

Management Tools

The management tools help you to become a better manager. They give you better control over your team, and help you manage routine tasks, so you can focus more on the fun parts of management.

  • Pre-Match analysis
  • Detailed training report
  • Automatic friendly booking

Team Customization

Want your team to stand out from the rest of the league? With our customization tools it's easy to choose something that is truly unique.

  • Design your kits
  • Change your team logo
  • Choose your avatar

In-Depth Stats

You get access to more stats and graphs that can increase your knowledge and understanding of your team. You can use this to improve and optimize your team for the competitions you are in.

  • More stats about your matches and team
  • Player graphs
  • Extensive league and global stats