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About Us

About the game

PRO Football Sim is a new free to play online football manager. You can sign-up to manage your own team in the game, compete with other players, raise through the ranks and become the best in the game!

Players & Staff

Once you take over your club, you will be in charge of it's players and staff. It will be up to you to decide who plays, who deserves to be on the bench or who needs to go. You will take care of transfers and the overall strategy of the team.

The staff helps you to build your team - they help with training, they can offer you advice and can help with finding new players!


We included a realistic way to play the competitions in the game. Every manager can choose between 26 countries that are playable, all from Europe. The National League includes 18 teams, with 3 matches played weekly.
Besides the National League, teams compete for the National Cup.

Teams ranking high in the League will compete in the European Champions Cup and the European Cup. The system uses a system similar to real life, where the number of teams every country sends depends on the performance from previous seasons.
These teams will qualify to play in International Play-Offs, Groups, and then on to the final.

Tactics & Training

The game allows you to play however you want - you can spend your time analyzing your opponent, or you can try your standard line-up.
We tried to give the game as much in-depth as you want it to have.

You can choose how to train your players in 3 key aspects: Fitness (for all players), Technical (non-goalkeepers) and Goalkeeper. We tried to make the system simple and clear.


You have access and can influence the financial aspects of your team. You can analyze and decide what sponsorship you want to accept. You can set your goals, and receive bonuses if you manage to obtain them.
The system includes a simple system for Team Facilities and Youth Team. These affect the way your team trains and the youth team you can promote.

PRO Account

As with any game of this type, it takes time and effort to maintain. The game is free to play and will always be.
For the community that wants to support the game, we offer a subscription service. This will include a list of features that will improve the overall use of the game. These are not pay-to-win, and will offer more in-depth customization and statistics.