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1) All managers that are caught breaking the rules below will be subject to account removal:

a) Management of two or more accounts;
b) The use any internal mean of communication to:

- Make any kind of threats and/or offences to other managers;
- Post sexual or illegal contents;
- All messages that the administration might consider inadequate;
- Any other issues that the Administration Team consider out of the good spirit of the game.

2) Your account will be disabled after 45 days of inactivity. You will receive a notification after 30 days of inactivity, in case you might want to keep your account.

3) Pro Football Sim assures the privacy of your personal data. Your personal data won't be given to a third party. All managers must introduce trustworthy information when registering or they might be rejected/deleted.

4) We use cookies in this web game. However, these are not used to extract any information from you. We use them solely to help your navigation on the website. If you wish you can disable cookies on your browser preferences, although by doing this you will lose some of the features available in the game.

5) Pro Football Sim won't allow you to break any of these important rules. By purchasing our PRO Account, you'll be supporting our work and you won't have any kind of special treatment regarding these rules. The Administration Team has the right to reject PRO Payments we receive.

6) We reserve ourselves the right to choose whom we want to have playing this game.

7) Our Administration Team has the right to close any manager account if (with the means that we have available) believe it's breaking any of our rules.

8) The Administration Team has the right to change these Terms of Service at any time.