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Archive - January 2020

Press Conferences & Morale
Posted by Admin on January 15, 2020 12:22

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the lack of feedback lately, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, as well as the holidays. Hope everybody had great holidays and hope we’ll have a great 2020 together!
Back to business.. The reason I was out for these couple of weeks was because of a bigger set of features you guys have been asking about, so here they are:

> We now have Player Morale implemented. Every player will start with Superb morale, and will be visible in the Squad page.
Morale will increase slightly every day and will be largely influenced by Press Conferences (more below) and Individual Conversations (more below).
For every interaction, they will have a chance to react to your answers via their professionalism hidden attribute (higher professionalism - less likely they will be to react).
Players have 2 personalities when reacting to something: determination and ambitiousness. The type of question asked will determine for which of them they’ll react.

At the moment, Morale will not have a very big influence on the game, but will be implemented soon (will be announced) and will influence probably 2 areas: contract negotiations and match impact.

> You will be able to attend Press Conferences. Before and after a match you will notice a new notification asking to you ‘Attend a press conference’. By clicking on it, you will talk with the press in your area (every region will have its own Newspaper and Reporter). You will answer between 2 and 3 questions about the upcoming match.
Once responded, your players will react either in a good way (morale goes up) or a bad way (morale goes down). You will have a new icon which will tell you if he reacted good or bad.

> To be able to target specific players, once per day you will be able to talk to one of them, about their performance or training.
If you do, you won’t be able to talk to them about the upcoming match.