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Archive - July 2020

Changes to transfers and wages
Posted by Admin on July 19, 2020 19:44

Hello everybody,

First of all - good luck to everybody who hasn't yet played the first match of the season!

Now, let's talk a bit about what you guys have been discussing quite a lot on the forum - the transfers, and the fact that human managers use it just to make some quick profit.

I've spent a lot of time this week (sorry for being a bit offline) thinking of ways to make a better system, without doing too many restrictions, and to keep a good flow to the game and to keep it fairly simple.

So, what I am proposing is this:

One of the main issues I found that is causing this problem is that the formula that generates the values of the players is too powerful. What I mean is that players that are very weak, are valued way too higher then what they should be. This makes selling the players a lot easier and teams can sell them easy.

So, what I did: I changed the formula so that player value grows in an exponential way (something similarly to what you guys have said).
The effect: Players that are good and have played consistently, will increase their value (the max I generated on my local environment went to around 7 Mil for the most valuable 2-3 players), while players that don't play or are free, have decreased by up 10 times. Eg. a player valued now at 2 Mil, went down to 200 K.
What changed: A lot more factors are taken into account now: The age, the contract length, the stats for up to 3 years (including current season), current and future potential, the position the player plays in.

I increased the ban from 20 to 30 days for players that are bought via the Transfer list.

As an example for the new system: If you try to grab a free player, depending on how good he is, you will pay around 10-100K. If you try to sell him, you might received bids between 100-130K. So the turnover rate for a transfer is way-way lower. If you indeed get a player, and you PLAY HIM, and use him as intended, if you sell him in a year or two, your profit will be indeed a lot higher, which is indeed something you would like.

This, coupled with the fact that you can take a limited number of players, the lower income + the large transfer ban should stop this farming of players.

Now, dealing with wages is actually more complicated.
First of all, the state of wages is actually a bit of an issue. Wages are actually way higher then they should, because they're supported by managers who sell for profit easily.

Once the new player values will take their place, and this profit stops, all teams will start having issues paying salaries.

So, I made a different formula to calculate wages, using a similar exponential formula, where the better a player is, the higher he will cost.

For smaller teams, this means salaries will actually go lower, as they won't be able to sustain themselves in 1-2 seasons. Higher teams will notice a smaller or similar salary cap.

A bit of context: I chose to keep prizes fixed, so that I can control somewhat the inflation of the game. Salaries as well, are calculated from a formula that is somewhat of a fixed base. Because of this, once transfers are out as a source of income, teams will struggle paying even salaries (espectially lower league ones).

- I'm considering other ways to allow teams to increase income - either through updates to Facilities or increasing the prizes.
- I'm considering adding a tax at the end of the season, based on the profit (a Shareholder tax or something like that, in order to decrease inflation)
- I'm considering that teams that win trophies or complete their season goal, to offer player prizes or salaries increase at the end of the season.

And I'm looking into some other things, I'll announce at a future date :-)

This changes have not been implemented yet, and the examples given are from my local environment.

New season and updates!
Posted by Admin on July 13, 2020 09:50


With this new week we're starting season 7 in the game! I would like to say Good Luck and a good season to everybody!

Secondly, this week was more about bug fixes then new features, with some of the more proeminent listed below:

1. If you're logged out of the game, you'll now get back to where you where.
2. A new Translation Area for those interested in helping the game with new languages!
3. You will now receive notifications when you're either outbidded or receive new bids for your players!
4. When rejecting a contract, players will now give you a reason

This upcoming week I'll focus more on some of the issues you guys discussed over on the Forum. I'll look over Transfers and how they work, and some features related to it.

More to come once I'll get to it though!


Version 1.17.5 update!
Posted by Admin on July 06, 2020 17:48

Hello everybody,

A new week, and a new list of updates with what's new in the game!

So, here we go:
1. You can Cutomize your Feed (Desktop). There's a new link in your account, where you can hide some suggestions you receive from your assistant manager.
2. Once you login, the Game will remember you, and will offer you just the password option (so it's easier to come back to the game). This happens the next time you login! 3. Push Notifications. You can find a new setting in your Preferences, where you can subscribe to Push Notifications. You will receive notifications only on New Messages and when a Match has been played!
4. You can view the last time a Manager has logged in in his Profile
5. The Forum has a new rating system. You will receive points for every Post & Thread you add, and you'll have a level system which will be displayed next to your profile on the Forum.
6. Consistency has been reduced a bit in the Match Engine.
7. You will receive new notifications when matches are drawn.
8. Reminders - In your account, you can set now Reminders (PRO). You will receive the notification on your Account.
9. Polls - I can add new polls in the newsfeed, for questions!
10. The club logo will now be displayed on the Team Jersey and in the player images!
11. Holiday Mode - If you need to leave on vacation (although it's more difficult in this period), you can activate the new Holiday Mode! What this will do, is that it will let the AI to handle your Tactics for your next matches while you're away. So you can have your vacation in peace!