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Archive - July 2021

Version 1.4.6 - Injury Updates
Posted by Admin on July 25, 2021 19:47


Another set of updates is coming up!

1. Reduced all the injuries time, and the maximum amount of time for an injury will be a maximum of 50. Also, Bot teams will avoid making bids for players with injuries > 30, in order to descourage straight selling players with longer term injuries by managers
2. Fixed a bug where bot teams would overwrite transfer listed players
3. Updated how bidding works. You will now view the current bid, not the max bid. When making a bid, you will be notified you need to increase your bid. This will also increase the current bid amount
4. Fixed a bug in the Match Engine, where Goalkeepers would be sent off at the same event
5. Fixed an issue with Team History - For International Cups trophies were not saved correctly
6. Injured players will lose only in Physical attributes and in Workrate and Anticipation in Mental
7. Modified the way the general search works. Instead of taking you to the transfer market for players, I've added a general search that will search for all players/staff/managers
8. Added a notification display for for new posts in the Forum
9. Fixed a bug, where the Cup final wouldn't update the Country Coefficient
10. Decreased the rumour generation when bidding on players
11. On the League fixtures for Reserves, the position for teams was incorrect. This has been fixed
12. Added a 4-3-1-2 Tactic, selectable in the Tactics area
13. Fixed a bug with Downgrading a team facility
14. Fixed a bug when players that would finish a bidding at the same time would be randomly ordered
15. Other general bug fixes