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4 years of ProFootballSim!
Posted by Admin on January 07, 2023 10:44

ProFootballSim is 4 years today!

Thank you all for your support. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm working on the new version, and updates will be coming soon.

On the future of Profootballsim
Posted by Admin on April 13, 2022 21:30

Hey guys,

Hope you guys have been doing well. I would like to apologise for the lack of communication from my side for the last few months. I’ve been busy with some other projects beside the game, and lately, with the game itself.

Now, I have some news I would like to share about the game, and what I am hoping to achieve in the near and far future.
1. Not sure how many of you know, but the game is made entirely by a single person (me!). Its been more of a personal hobby than anything for me, because I always wanted to play an online football manager that it’s interesting, and I always thought I could at least try to make something that could work. Believe it or not, but I’ve started work on the game around 2012. The one you guys are playing is like the 3rd or 4th version (I’ve done a lot of reworks).
2. I managed to get the courage and finally launch the game in January 2019, 7th of January being the 1st day of the now Profootballsim. It’s been a bit of a journey since then.
3. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very easy to take care of it once launched. From the always low number of people playing, to the various bugs or people complaining about the game in various ways. I tried to not allow it to bring me down that much.
4. Unfortunately, after almost 3 years and a half of dedicating my time to it, the game is not even close to where I was hoping for it to be. Both features wise and financial wise. With the years passing by, it’s getting increasingly harder to invest my personal time into something that is played by a small amount of people (not to say you guys are not important, but that the game is not attracting other people in) and also that the game is not attracting people willing to invest in the game, and both of these dissappointing in their own right.
5. I’ve been thinking for months now (pretty seriously) of simply waiting out the remaining of the paid subscriptions and just close the game, and to try something else with my free time, something that hasn’t happened in almost 10 years.
6. The fact that I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from you guys discussing about people that are cheating has made this feeling even worse - simply analyzing player behaviour, going through hundreds of transfers and stuff like that takes hours & days of my personal time, a time I am not willing to invest as it’s extremely difficult for one guy to simply do.

So, I can think of only 2 options: either close the game and be done with it, or try to do something different, in the hope that from my experience with PFS I could do something that can be at least a bit more interesting, that can potentially attract more people.

I’ve been dwelling on the thought a bit, and here’s what I would like to do in the near future:
1. I’m going to try something different - stop support for the current version of the game, and start a new game (let’s call it PFS2).
2. Include from the beginning some ideas I couldn’t finish - National teams & Federations being some of them.
3. I would like to change the technology of the game - instead of a standard website, I’m going to build the game in a different sort of technology - namely React Native. This is a sort of technology that is going to allow me to make the game and publish it into more environments (I would like to make a mobile version - iOS and Android, a desktop version - Microsoft store, and also - Steam). Apparently, there’s a possiblity to do that. The general idea is to get the game to potentially new people that could make the game grow.
4. I’ve reinvested all the game income in the past months working with a designer to make better game graphics - better player faces, better jerseys, soon better team logos and some other things. I will include these in this new version.
5. I would like to do something like an Early Access version of the new game which I can make public, and grow the game from there. I think this will give me the possibility to see if this new road will be more successful, or I can spend less time in building something that most people are not interested in.
6. I have some ideas I want to make - new Match Engine, Transfer Windows, National Teams, Federations. I also want to limit transfers in the future by a Team Board. And some other ideas that I would like to run with the people that are interested in helping build something with me. I would like the game to be less prone to cheaters, and more focused on doing fun stuff into the game.
7. Match Engine - some of you know I’ve been working on a better version of it. I’m happy to let you know that I have finished something that I am somewhat happy with (if someone is interested, I can give you access so you can help me test), that will be included in this next version of the game. I am going to add a lot more tactical options in the game, and I’ll be working to improve it with whomever is interested in helping.
8. I am going to try to be available every Monday on Discord (evening Romania time) to discuss with you guys about the game, starting next week.

So… yeah! That’s what has been through my mind lately. Let me know your thoughts. I tried to explain as best as I could my state of mind, and what my feelings are at the moment.


Version 1.4.8 - Bigger Updates
Posted by Admin on September 14, 2021 19:33


A new set of updates today (a few bigger ones)!

1. You can now create 2 different training schedules: For your Main Squad and for your Reserves. This will allow you to take care of both of your teams and their needs. This feature will be available for everybody!
2. I've reduced by 20% the how players recover after a match. This shold make it a bit more difficult for managers playing daily matches
3. Added a new weekly finances metric. This will be empty this week, and will start populating next week.
4. Added a way for PRO Managers to view when a new youngster is available to be promoted.
5. Added a way to filter Forums descending or ascending (check your Preferences).
6. Added a minimum selling price for Staff
7. Added an easy way to set players Individual Training in Training
8. Various bug fixes

As a bit of extra information - I am currently working on adding Asian countries into the game, starting with next season. I will keep you posted how it goes.

Version 1.4.6 - Injury Updates
Posted by Admin on July 25, 2021 19:47


Another set of updates is coming up!

1. Reduced all the injuries time, and the maximum amount of time for an injury will be a maximum of 50. Also, Bot teams will avoid making bids for players with injuries > 30, in order to descourage straight selling players with longer term injuries by managers
2. Fixed a bug where bot teams would overwrite transfer listed players
3. Updated how bidding works. You will now view the current bid, not the max bid. When making a bid, you will be notified you need to increase your bid. This will also increase the current bid amount
4. Fixed a bug in the Match Engine, where Goalkeepers would be sent off at the same event
5. Fixed an issue with Team History - For International Cups trophies were not saved correctly
6. Injured players will lose only in Physical attributes and in Workrate and Anticipation in Mental
7. Modified the way the general search works. Instead of taking you to the transfer market for players, I've added a general search that will search for all players/staff/managers
8. Added a notification display for for new posts in the Forum
9. Fixed a bug, where the Cup final wouldn't update the Country Coefficient
10. Decreased the rumour generation when bidding on players
11. On the League fixtures for Reserves, the position for teams was incorrect. This has been fixed
12. Added a 4-3-1-2 Tactic, selectable in the Tactics area
13. Fixed a bug with Downgrading a team facility
14. Fixed a bug when players that would finish a bidding at the same time would be randomly ordered
15. Other general bug fixes

Version 1.4.5 - Bug Fixes
Posted by Admin on June 27, 2021 10:38

Hello everyone,

It's been a bit of time since the last update, so I'm happy to let you know that update 1.4.5 is out!

First of all, I would like to thank Requiao that helped with translating the game in Portuguese. The language is available now! Thank you very much for your help!

As for the update, here's what's changed:

1. Changing player numbers will now show the correct names for players with more then 2 names
2. Fixed the amount issue on Ongoing transfers
3. Fixed a bug when Bot teams didn't make bids on players on the TL because they had too many players in their squad
4. Decreased by 20% the probability of getting a high or medium injury for players
5. Fixed the double-yellow bug that happened sometimes to GKs
6. Removed existing transfer bans for new players
7. Removed the birthday from the manager page
8. Fixed the Reputation on the Manager page
9. Fixed the fans not getting updated weekly
10. Fixed other smaller various bugs

I'll continue working on bug-fixes in the upcoming weeks, and I'll let you know what has been changed!

Latest Match Engine Updates
Posted by Admin on November 17, 2020 22:01


I wanted to share with you guys a few updates that I've implemented today and yesterday in the game.

I would also like to thank you for the feedback regarding the Match Engine. You guys were right - there was an issue with the Match Engine.

After receiving feedback from you on the forum, I decided to check what exactly was happening wrong (he inconsistencies reported). I digged a bit through the ME code, and found 2 issues (reported as well by you guys).
These were:
1. A lot of wrong passes that led to interceptions with goals scored against human teams
2. A bad conversion rate - a lot of shots and not many goals scored by human teams.

So - the 1st was caused by the reset - in the ME, players were mostly based on players generated via the old system. With the new system, players are more varied, less skilled somewhat, so I needed to tweak the ME to take this better into account. Also, I made the passes be more secure when the ball was into the teams own half.

2nd, regarding the bad conversion rate - I re-did the way shots are made/missed and how goals are scored. It's now based more on the player attributes, and after thousands of tests, it looks good.

Now, this doesn't mean you'll win every match, but the ME should be more consistent. Feel free to let me know if you notice something wrong.

3rd, based on feedback, I trimmed the text on the Report section to display text only for match events, and not for other events, like subs, changes in tactics, etc.

I've changed visually how passes are viewed in the Match Engine - Instead of passes made/missed, I've decided to add a percentage - so you can see easier and decide if a player did a good or bad job.

I've also fixed the Contract Offer that wasn't working properly. If you try to offer a new player a new contract, it will work as supposed.

I've also added a player/staff export feature. This will allow you to download a .CSV file you can use to sort/track changes for your players.

I would like to thank you guys again for your support!

Moving on after the reset
Posted by Admin on November 01, 2020 19:06


I would like to thank you guys first for your help in fixing any outstanding bugs and issues that I missed in development. Unfortunately, I was hoping for a more smooth transition, so thanks again! :-)

Secondly, I would like to do a quick update to the latest changes coming this evening:

1. There's going to be an update to the values of the players, that will fix some issues with some values that were inconsistent.
2. Modified the AI of the Bot teams on the Transfer List. They're going to be less-aggressive when biding on players.
3. I implemented an automatic system that will look into missing Staff or Players, and will take care of any issues with player/staff generation.
4. Countries in Scouting will show only countries with at least 1 player. I'll be adding a few countries every week (so more players from more teams are available).

Third, what's coming up next?

Well, I would like to focus next week on any bugs that might appear + some new things.

1. Player Page - I'll move the Career Stats from the player page into a new page (for staff as well).
2. A possibility to downgrade already built Facilities.
3. Some other minor updates.


New season and updates!
Posted by Admin on July 13, 2020 09:50


With this new week we're starting season 7 in the game! I would like to say Good Luck and a good season to everybody!

Secondly, this week was more about bug fixes then new features, with some of the more proeminent listed below:

1. If you're logged out of the game, you'll now get back to where you where.
2. A new Translation Area for those interested in helping the game with new languages!
3. You will now receive notifications when you're either outbidded or receive new bids for your players!
4. When rejecting a contract, players will now give you a reason

This upcoming week I'll focus more on some of the issues you guys discussed over on the Forum. I'll look over Transfers and how they work, and some features related to it.

More to come once I'll get to it though!


Version 1.17.5 update!
Posted by Admin on July 06, 2020 17:48

Hello everybody,

A new week, and a new list of updates with what's new in the game!

So, here we go:
1. You can Cutomize your Feed (Desktop). There's a new link in your account, where you can hide some suggestions you receive from your assistant manager.
2. Once you login, the Game will remember you, and will offer you just the password option (so it's easier to come back to the game). This happens the next time you login! 3. Push Notifications. You can find a new setting in your Preferences, where you can subscribe to Push Notifications. You will receive notifications only on New Messages and when a Match has been played!
4. You can view the last time a Manager has logged in in his Profile
5. The Forum has a new rating system. You will receive points for every Post & Thread you add, and you'll have a level system which will be displayed next to your profile on the Forum.
6. Consistency has been reduced a bit in the Match Engine.
7. You will receive new notifications when matches are drawn.
8. Reminders - In your account, you can set now Reminders (PRO). You will receive the notification on your Account.
9. Polls - I can add new polls in the newsfeed, for questions!
10. The club logo will now be displayed on the Team Jersey and in the player images!
11. Holiday Mode - If you need to leave on vacation (although it's more difficult in this period), you can activate the new Holiday Mode! What this will do, is that it will let the AI to handle your Tactics for your next matches while you're away. So you can have your vacation in peace!


Weekly update!
Posted by Admin on June 28, 2020 19:24


A new week and another set of new updated I can report to you guys!

1. You can now Train Players on new Positions. By going to their profile, you can choose what position you want them to learn. Keep in mind that this is a long-term endeavour, and it might take between 45 and 100 days, depending on their versatility and the position you want them to learn. It's going to be easier for a DR to learn to be a WBR, then for a SC to learn to be a DC!
2. Managers Awards are now displayed on every managers' profile.
3. As you all have noticed, your Assistant Manager will now propose you, based on your opponent, a preferred Lineup. This is meant to help you choose the best Lineup for your team!
4. Everybody will receive an email at the end of the season, which will be a short summary of what everybody did in the last season.
5. Added a small Last Match link in the Fixtures list.

Other then that, I finally fixed the Forum Links issue that was a bit annoying.
Also, there was an Enquiries fixture that was fixed, that you guys reported on the Forum.

Also, in order to avoid managers to profit from the Free-players system, there has been a small tweak when bringing in players via the Scout system. When you buy a player from the Transfer List, you will have typically a 20-day period in which you can't sell them.
For a player bought via a Scouting Report, you will have a 45-day period in which you will not be able to sell him.
This has been added as a notification in the Bidding menu, so you are aware of this.


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