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Articles in Development

Version 0.99.9
Posted by Admin on March 30, 2020 19:42


We've made a few new changes in the game, which are explained below:

1. Match Engine updates:

a. Morale now has an influence in the game. The happier a player is, the better he will play.
b. Modified the way short passing and direct passing work. Short passing will make your passes more secure, but will decrease how offensive your team is, while Direct passes will have an opposing effect.
c. Match reports will now show you a few information about the tactics your opponent is using.
d. Improved passing for defending teams. Weaker teams will do a better job at keeping possession now.
e. Tweaked the Tactics in the game.

2. Bot teams will generate better players at the end of the season.

3. Improved the training of Bot teams.

4. Managers will receive new Awards. For doing well in their National League or International League, they will receive notifications around 1 per month.

5. Enquiring a player will now add him to your short list.

6. Bug fixes.

Version 0.99.8
Posted by Admin on March 16, 2020 19:31

Hello everybody,

A few new features have been added to the game, the most important being:

1. Morale will be taken into account by players when negotiating a contract. The higher the morale, the easier they're likely to sign a better contract for your team.

2. You can now Enquire teams about their players. How this works is the following:

a. From a player page, you will Enquire about the price;
b. If it's a bot team, they will reply to your enquiry in a few hours;
c. Bots will make their decisioon based on their position in the League, International Cup Participation, Regional or League animosities, or the value of the player to their team (how important that player is for the team);
d. You will be notified if accepted or refuzed
e. If accepted, you will receive the required amount by the team
f. If you accept it, that player will be automatically Transfer Listed, with your initial bid as the first offer.

For human players, there will be an extra step, where they can add their desired price to the transfer and send the request.

3. When requesting a Friendly with a Bot Team, there's a chance for them to refuse you. This depends on the upcoming and past matches.

4. Forum Posts will have notifications in your feed now;

5. Bug fixes.

Press Conferences & Morale
Posted by Admin on January 15, 2020 12:22

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the lack of feedback lately, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, as well as the holidays. Hope everybody had great holidays and hope we’ll have a great 2020 together!
Back to business.. The reason I was out for these couple of weeks was because of a bigger set of features you guys have been asking about, so here they are:

> We now have Player Morale implemented. Every player will start with Superb morale, and will be visible in the Squad page.
Morale will increase slightly every day and will be largely influenced by Press Conferences (more below) and Individual Conversations (more below).
For every interaction, they will have a chance to react to your answers via their professionalism hidden attribute (higher professionalism - less likely they will be to react).
Players have 2 personalities when reacting to something: determination and ambitiousness. The type of question asked will determine for which of them they’ll react.

At the moment, Morale will not have a very big influence on the game, but will be implemented soon (will be announced) and will influence probably 2 areas: contract negotiations and match impact.

> You will be able to attend Press Conferences. Before and after a match you will notice a new notification asking to you ‘Attend a press conference’. By clicking on it, you will talk with the press in your area (every region will have its own Newspaper and Reporter). You will answer between 2 and 3 questions about the upcoming match.
Once responded, your players will react either in a good way (morale goes up) or a bad way (morale goes down). You will have a new icon which will tell you if he reacted good or bad.

> To be able to target specific players, once per day you will be able to talk to one of them, about their performance or training.
If you do, you won’t be able to talk to them about the upcoming match.

New training update!
Posted by Admin on November 18, 2019 15:08

Hello Managers,

I'm happy to announce an update that was long overdue. We know have an updated Training page.

So, here's whats new:

1. You can now tweak the team training schedule, per group of players: Field Players, Goalkeepers and Fitness (which incorporates both groups);
2. You can attend the training. By doing so, you will improve the player training :-)
3. You can now do Individual Training. This will allow you tutor up to 2 players weekly on some attributes you consider they are laking in!
4. You will also receive various detailed Coach Recommandations. These are quite interesting, as they will be able to 'read' your team, see where areas you are lacking in and propose you changes.

What is important to understand:

1. In order to get the best training results, you should focus your schedule on one of the attribute grups at least 3 times a week (Eg. this week train Defending 3 times). You can do a more balanced schedules of course, but your players will train less for every group.
2. Player will start to loose attributes later in life. Instead of the previous 28 years, they will now start to decline around the age of 31.
3. Training will happen same as before, Thursday!
4. There is a slight change that your players will injure themselves during training (with a max duration of 1-2 days).
5. THE TRAINING PAGE WILL LOOK A BIT OFF (Training Stats will show up wrong, there will be white text in the Player Improvements) because these support the new format, and this new format of training will run only on Thursday. :-)

So don't worry if everything isn't looking as it should for now.

Hope you'll like the new changes!


Player contracts added!
Posted by Admin on November 04, 2019 17:50

Hello everybody,

Starting now, every manager will have the opportunity to negotiate wages and contract length with their players.
If you view your player actions, you will notice a new option called 'Offer new contract'. Every player has been assigned an initial contract length to start with.

Every end of season, the contract length of every player will decrease, BUT player contracts will never expire. They will be automatically extended by the board (to avoid any type of abuse from managers) and wages will be re-negotiated on expiration day.

Why should you take the time to negotiate your contracts? Like previously said, every season, players who would end their contracts will get a chance to re-negotiate their salaries. This means that they will negotiate only upwards (so higher salaries).

By negotiating with them directly, you can keep your wage bill under control by offering them longer-period contracts (so wages stay the same), but also, it's possible for you to negotiate with them lower salaries.
Their willingness to accept this will depend on a new hidden attribute we're adding (Professionalism). A professional player will have a higher chance of accepting a lower salary, but an uprofessional player will be harder to deal with.

Staff will have the same features, and the same hidden attribute.

Professionalism is a scoutable attribute, and will show up with new scout reports.

If you have any questions, please ask in the forums!

What's next in the new season?
Posted by Admin on October 16, 2019 20:49

Hello Managers,

First of all, I want to congratulate you guys for a great last season, and I'm looking forward for Season 4!

As requested, I've made a short list of what to expect in the following season, in terms of features:
1. Expect player contracts. You will be able to negotiate your contracts with your players!
2. Positions for retiring players. You will be able to offer your retiring players positions, like Spokeperson, Groundskeeper, whatever
3. Training is planned to get a major overhaul, with plans to make it a lot more interesting and a lot more visual and helpful.
4. Customizable Team Jerseys.
5. Match Engine Improvements.

And of course, the usual bug fixes and smaller improvements!


P.S. Check your tactics page. You'll have a surprise!

Version 0.96.1 update!
Posted by Admin on September 08, 2019 19:50


Version 0.96.1 brings some exciting new features:

1. Installable App - For those of you on Androind and Chrome on Desktop, on your Manager Account you'll receive a popup to install the App. If you do that, you'll install our new App. Because of caching mechanisms, you'll be able to play the game as if it's local;
2. Scouters - You can now view past scouted players;
3. The annoying logging out of the game should be fixed now;
4. Other various fixes and updates.

Hope you'll like the new features, especially the Installable App!


Version 0.96.0 release!
Posted by Admin on September 08, 2019 19:42


It's been a while since our last update, but version 0.96.0 is out for a couple of days, and we thought we should talk a bit about it.

What has changed:

1. Player Compare - You can compare your players with one of the players you're viewing;
2. Manager Faces - You can now customize the way you look in-game;
3. We deleted the inactive users, to make room for new users;
4. Sponsor Logo has been added on every team jersey;
5. Finances Update - The Finances system has been re-done. Instead of a weekly type of system, from now on we have a daily system - you'll receive income and pay expenses every day;
6. Player Values - we have a new formula, hopefully better;
7. Wages have been re-set, and have been updated with the new player values;
8. Sponsors have been reset - You can now re-choose your sponsor and your objective;
9. Updated Server - Monday (02.09) we changed our hosting company, as announced;
10. Other various fixes and updates.

If you have any issue, please send us a message.


Version 0.92.2 release notes
Posted by Admin on March 04, 2019 16:42


Version 0.92.2 (week 25.02 - 03.03) is up and ready. Although a smaller update, we've changed the following:

1. Goalkeepers will loose less fitness (half) then in-field players;
2. Country Scout Reports will include players currently on the Transfer List;
3. Added a check on Team Tactics. Every team will need to have a SC/DC/MC in order to save the lineup;
4. Added info on the Federation Transfer Tax on both the Player and Staff View, so every manager can know about it;
5. Various Bug Fixes.

If you have any issues, please let us know.


Version 0.92.1 is out!
Posted by Admin on February 24, 2019 14:45


We've just finalized version 0.92.1 (week 17 - 24.02). It's already up and running. Please clear your cache if you're experiencing any issues.

What did we change/add?

1. Fitness has been changed. It used to be very difficult to manage it previously. From now on, it will drop less. You will notice the players in your teams will have a quicker recovery time.
2. We added a Fan Movement Graph in the Team Confidence area. This will show you how your Fans have been added in a nicer way.
3. We've added a Selling icon next to the players and staff on the Players and Staff Pages. Also, we fixed a small issue with the Apps field. It can now be sorted.
4. We've added a new information field on the Player Profile. You can now view the current player price from the transfer market.
5. You can now view the minimum price you need to pay to add a bid for a player on the Players/Staff transfers pages.
6. You ca now set a specific Tactic for every match. If you go to the Prematch area of the match, you will be able to set one of your Tactics there. That will be used when playing the match, so you can plan ahead!
7. We've added the Competition Prizes and the Final Payment from the Sponsors Area. You can now view clearly what amounts you will receive for your team at the end of the season.
8. We changed the way the Fixture results are displayed on mobile. It should look a lot clearer now!
9. Fixed the National league Average for every player on their Player Page.
10. If 2 teams have the same colors on the Match header area, the Away team will use their away colors. So the Stats and all the other things based on the team colors will look a lot better.
11. Fixed an issue with account deletion.
12. There was a double taxation on transfers happenning. This has been fixed. You will view the transfer taxes in your finances from now on.
13. The player value is now changed to be dynamic, and depend more on the real-market prices.
14. Bot teams will buy and sell Staff.
15. Training reports will not display GK fields for in-field players and vice-versa.
16. Bot teams will require min prices, depending on the values of the players they are selling.
17. We've generated a few new players over 19 (including GK) which were lacking.
18. Some other general bug fixes.

If you have any issues or questions, please send us a message.

Have a great evening!

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