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Archive - April 2020

Player Attributes Issues
Posted by Admin on April 06, 2020 18:09

Hello everybody,

There's been a big of an issue with the players in the game yesterday and today. I want to take a bit of time to explain what happened and what changes you should see:
So, around a month ago I noticed an issue coming from the Training changes I did. The issue was that the Bot teams (the teams run by the AI of the game) where getting a lot worse then what they were previously.

After looking over the code, I noticed there was a decrepancy between the training user-run teams were getting compared to the bot-run teams.
So I implemented a weekly script to buff the players of these teams by a bit. That's where the issues started. Unfortunately, a bug in this script made the players of these teams too powerful.

This culminated on Saturday evening, when one of you guys messaged be about the way their team has been playing.
I took a look into this issue and noticed the players that shouldn't be this powerful.

On Sunday I put the game on Maintenance and started looking for a solution. The solution that I had was to immediately make these players that are too OP lower by a random between 0 and 5.
This was applied to ANY bot team, to ANY player that if Free Transfer and ANY Transfers made last month.

Because I finished quite late in the evening, I couldn't sum up into a blog these changes unfortunately.

Today I received a few complaints from you guys related to the changes, and one that was in particular interesting - I missed the players that benefited from the buff but were missed by my script - the users that registered last month.
So this evening (Monday) I run the script for them as well. This is for the system to be fair for everybody.

One other pressing issue is with the user-teams that bought players because of how good they are.
Because this isn't particulary fair, from an old backup I reverted their previous attributes, and re-run a script o make them a bit weaker. The exact values, in case you're intereted: between 8% and 12%.
This should be fairer then the previous script.

The game is now online with the updates.

I'm sorry for this predicament, it wasn't something in plan to fix, but hopefully it's going to be a better game for everybody. I'm doing my best to have a great game that we can enjoy together.
If you guys have any comments, please leave a shout-out on the forum or in the contact form.

Have a great evening!