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Server time: League Day 70, June 16, 2024 / 13:18

Version 0.99.8

Posted by Admin on June 16, 2024 13:18

Hello everybody,

A few new features have been added to the game, the most important being:

1. Morale will be taken into account by players when negotiating a contract. The higher the morale, the easier they're likely to sign a better contract for your team.

2. You can now Enquire teams about their players. How this works is the following:

a. From a player page, you will Enquire about the price;
b. If it's a bot team, they will reply to your enquiry in a few hours;
c. Bots will make their decisioon based on their position in the League, International Cup Participation, Regional or League animosities, or the value of the player to their team (how important that player is for the team);
d. You will be notified if accepted or refuzed
e. If accepted, you will receive the required amount by the team
f. If you accept it, that player will be automatically Transfer Listed, with your initial bid as the first offer.

For human players, there will be an extra step, where they can add their desired price to the transfer and send the request.

3. When requesting a Friendly with a Bot Team, there's a chance for them to refuse you. This depends on the upcoming and past matches.

4. Forum Posts will have notifications in your feed now;

5. Bug fixes.

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