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Server time: League Day 47, May 24, 2024 / 04:55

The big reset!

Posted by Admin on May 24, 2024 04:55


We're almost ready for the reset!

So what will happen tomorrow: Around 06:00 GMT the game will be put into Maintenance Mode and will be unavailable for a while. I expect the game to be offline for about 4 hours, time I'll use to reset the teams, players, update the database and make all the requirements.

Once this is done, you'll be able to login as usual, but you'll be taken to the page where you'll be able to create a new team! Once you've chosen everything, you'll be given a new team! I'll save all your team images, so if some of you guys want to use the current team image, I can update it for you, just email me via the contact page.

The help page has been already updated with information related to the new changes, and most likely I'll go through the Forum and remove old questions or information that is not relevant anymore.

See you guys tomorrow!

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