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New training update!

Posted by Admin on July 23, 2024 11:34

Hello Managers,

I'm happy to announce an update that was long overdue. We know have an updated Training page.

So, here's whats new:

1. You can now tweak the team training schedule, per group of players: Field Players, Goalkeepers and Fitness (which incorporates both groups);
2. You can attend the training. By doing so, you will improve the player training :-)
3. You can now do Individual Training. This will allow you tutor up to 2 players weekly on some attributes you consider they are laking in!
4. You will also receive various detailed Coach Recommandations. These are quite interesting, as they will be able to 'read' your team, see where areas you are lacking in and propose you changes.

What is important to understand:

1. In order to get the best training results, you should focus your schedule on one of the attribute grups at least 3 times a week (Eg. this week train Defending 3 times). You can do a more balanced schedules of course, but your players will train less for every group.
2. Player will start to loose attributes later in life. Instead of the previous 28 years, they will now start to decline around the age of 31.
3. Training will happen same as before, Thursday!
4. There is a slight change that your players will injure themselves during training (with a max duration of 1-2 days).
5. THE TRAINING PAGE WILL LOOK A BIT OFF (Training Stats will show up wrong, there will be white text in the Player Improvements) because these support the new format, and this new format of training will run only on Thursday. :-)

So don't worry if everything isn't looking as it should for now.

Hope you'll like the new changes!


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