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Interview with Remus, manager of Real Sublimo

Posted by Admin on July 23, 2024 11:32

1. First, I want to thank you for this interview. You’re the first of our managers to do this, and it’s a pleasure to get to know you better and receive your feedback. Can you tell us something about yourself?
Thank you for the invitation. I'm a 24 years old guy from Constanta, Romania. I kinda stumbled upon this game, and was hooked ever since.

2. You’ve been a member of the PRO Football Sim community since the beginning. What attracted you to the game?
I like football, I like talking and reading about football, and finding an online game, similar in style to Football Manager, made by a Romanian developer was something new, that I didn't want to miss. Sure, the game wasn't perfect back then, but the potential was real, and most of all... it was actually surprisingly fun. I'm glad I stayed, because IMO the game developed nicely since those early days.

3. What makes you come back and play PFS every day?
I guess because it's competitive, the community might be small, but you do need to be active to compete with the best teams in the game. There is always a scout report you can look up, or some new players added on the transfer market you can preview. Small things like that.

4. What plans do you have with your team?
Honestly, I just want to make my team the best in the game. Finding a young core of players who I can rely on, and win everything there is to win.

5. What’s your favourite formation and what mentality do you like to use?
I experimented with many formations and styles of play. But right now, I like to use a 3-2-3-2 with wing backs and a very offensive mentality.

 6. What’s your most memorable moment in the game?
Well, I had a player in my squad that developed to be probably be one of the best strikers in the game. Sold him for nothing in my first season because I didn't think it was anything special and also the market was quite different. When realization hit in a couple of months later... that was quite memorable.

7. Now, a very difficult question: Messi or Ronaldo?
Lord Bendtner

8. What’s your favourite team IRL?
I grew up watching Steaua Bucharest, so maybe FCSB?  Hard team to support these days though.

9. What feature would you like to see next implemented in the game?
Honestly I would like if players from bot clubs would have mandatory release clauses, there are some true gems out there. Also, maybe the ability to send players on loan, maybe with optional buy clauses.

10. And finally, what would you recommend to new managers who are just starting the game?
Well, everyone has it's own play style. I'll say experiment with formations and mentalities, find something that works for you, and build the core of your team around it.

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