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Interview with Diaul, manager of Alcolizzati

Posted by Admin on June 16, 2024 11:20

1. What do you think about the reset? Where you looking forward to it?
I think that reset has been necessary due to the situation created by excessive money flow and inquiries to bot teams, and also other problems already discussed. During the last "dead" season, however, the opportunity was lost to fix a lot of existing bugs, which reappeared in the post-reset.

2. What do you think about the changes to the game so far?
It seems that the worst problems have been fixed, but time is needed for the last word. In particular I refer to economical balance, that is always the hardest task to handle in this kind of games. But I understand that bugfixing is hard work that steals time for new features implementation.

3. Did the update change your strategy in any way? Will you be playing differently now?
Yes it did. In the past it was easy to find good players through enquiries. Now that enquiries are gone, we've got to count only on market and scouting. It's a way slower work, but it's way better especially for players with not much time to pass on the game. It's a great step ahead.

4. How much time do you put into playing PFS?
It depends. At this moment, when I desperately need new players, I'm forced to scan the market twice a day minimum. In normal phases of the game, logging in once a day is enough.

5. What would be your advice for new managers that are starting now the game?
Simply use the forum to ask advice prior to do anything. Don't use the market until you've mastered a little how the game works.

6. What’s your favorite real-world football manager? Did they inspire your strategy on PFS?
I don't play those games. I'm an old-school player playing only web base management games.

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