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Server time: League Day 47, May 24, 2024 / 03:35

Day 4 - Hidden Attributes!

Posted by Admin on May 24, 2024 03:35


I'd like to introduce Hidden Attributes to the game!

1. Hidden Attributes. Some players in the game will have hidden attributes. This will be mostly based on the location of your team. We will have 4 levels:
Level 3 - Players that are in a different continent then you, will have all their attributes hidden (You will see a -)
Level 2 - Attributes will be shown as an interval, eg. 11 - 15, 16 - 20.
Level 1 - Players that are in the same continent as you, but in a different country. Attributes will be an interval, like 13 - 15, 16 - 18.
Level 0 - All attributes are available.

Every time you scout a player, his level will drop. So a Level 2 player will be a Level 1, etc. When a player is transfer listed, his level will drop automatically to 1, even if he is Level 3.

2. Suspensions. Yellow and Red Cards are going to be specific per every competition.

3. Broadcasting is going to be influenced by the number of players in that league - so higher competitive leagues will receive more broadcasting revenue. How this works is that, at the end of a season, broadcasting will be setup to count and compare the competitivity of every League. The amount available to players will then be assigned accordingly.

4. Being Injured in Training. Updated the attributes degradation in the game when applying injuries.

5. Player Names. Some players will have 2 first names, instead of just the one we had previously.

6. Other. You can now order by Date the World Transfers.

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