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Server time: League Day 47, May 24, 2024 / 03:17

Day 3 - Smaller changes!

Posted by Admin on May 24, 2024 03:17


Some smaller changes today!

1. Late Bid Fee Change. Before, the LBF amount was lost, but with the reset, this amount will be received by the team that is selling the player.

2. Bot Team Names. Bot teams now have different names and formats, so they look a bit different and more dynamic.

3. Yearly Wage Rises. You will be able to negotiate Wage Rises with players now. Every wage rise you propose will increase the probability of your player to accept your offer.

4. Yearly Dividends. Every end of season, teams will pay 10% as Shareholder Dividends for any amount they have over 500K.

5. Unhappy!. Players will complain if their salaries are not very good, and experience a decrease in morale.

6. Searching Attributes. Updated the attributes used when searching for players. These should work better now!

7. Injuries & Morale. Injuries will now influence a bit the morale of the players!

See you tomorrow!

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