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Server time: League Day 47, May 24, 2024 / 03:54

Day 2 - Reserve Leagues!

Posted by Admin on May 24, 2024 03:54


The reset will bring you a new team (sort of).

1. Reserve League - Your Reserve Team will get their own League. You'll be able to view the next Fixtures, set your own Tactic and view the League Table! This is going to be a feature available only for PRO players, and it's going to be available only if you want. From your Team Customize page, you can toggle if the AI should handle your Reserves or you.

2. Facilities & Training won't start with half a star, as it is now, but they'll start at 0.

3. Late Bloomers - Instead of having all players develop in the same way, we now have a new type of player - the Late Bloomer. He'll develop less in his youth, and he'll develop more after 26+ years.

4. Tactics Reserves - Added an easy way for managers to view their Reserve Players together with their Regular players. It's going to be easy to play your favorite Reserves :-)

5. Contract Update - Players that are 18 years old, will re-negotiate their contracts with the team automatically (they get a salary increase).

6. Improved Injuries. Players will receive more realistic injuries and will be assigned an injury type. As expected, the injury time has been increased pretty substantially. Also, I've added recurring injuries in the game. What this means is that, if a player manages to injure a body part he already injured in the past, he will receive a 'bonus' to his injury.

7. Fixed the Clean Sheet bug. Now Goalkeepers won't show up in the Goalscorers area.

8. Fixed an issue with Chinese first names. Unfortunately, the game was using the Japanese first names instead of the correct ones.

See you tomorrow!

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