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Server time: League Day 47, May 24, 2024 / 03:59

Day 1 - What's coming up?

Posted by Admin on May 24, 2024 03:59


So, what's coming next to the game with the reset?

1. Player Generation - I've redone the entire way new players are generated. We will have less "perfect" players, and more players with atributes similar to real-life!

2. Registration - You can now choose if you prefer to join a lower-league or a higher league. Players will be assigned a team based on the value of the team squad, not just based on league position, as it is now.

3. Staff Number - Increased the number of staff new teams are generated with, so to avoid a shortage as we had previously with staff.

4. Training Camp - Starting with every season, teams that are not involved in International Matches will have a possibility to join a Training Camp. They'll be able to choose between a number of locations, and their teams will travel there. The system will organize 2 matches with teams in the same area, or with bot teams if none are available. This will help teams not wait a week until the first matches (a complaint from you guys) and let you get some extra training and experience for players.

5. Hungary and Slovakia have been added as playable countries in Europe.

6. Tendency to Punch has been renamed to Punching. It's closed to how actually the attribute works!

7. League Names - Now, all the league names in the game are going to be specific to every country.

8. General Transfer Ban - All transfer bans have been set to 40 days.

9. Optimizations - As you may have noticed, I've done a number of optimizations, and the game should feel significantly quicker.

See you tomorrow!

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